Welcome to Manchester ship canal & Mersey by John Eyres.

I have been taking photographs from an early age since the mid 1990's and share a big passion for all things shipping, railway and transport related subjects.


I generally post my overall collection of photographs on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

This site focuses on the shipping only and replaces the old 'fotopic' site which disappeared in 2011. Because of this a lot of images don't have any captions but rest assured i will be adding these over time along with any additional slide scans which didn't feature previously.


I have never been into promoting the website for 'hits' and try to keep the site layout basic with less 'gimmick' type features which hosting sites like to promote. But so long as i continue taking photographs i will keep the site running whether that is for an audience of 5 or 50! Any feedback, good or bad is welcome.

I aim to take a quality view of general happenings along the ship canal and north west region. As you will see from browsing my site i aim to tell a story with most of my images so that they are informative. I don't tend to just upload vast quantities of images with little caption detail as i feel this could dilute the content and just become another photo site. I don't often include IMO numbers or tonnages in the captions as they have never really interested me personally. 

I try to attain a certain quality with my photographs and hope this comes across on this site. I take these images for my self first and foremost but if others get enjoyment from looking at them, then it makes the hobby a little more rewarding. 


I am currently using full frame Canon 5D MkII with 50mm 1.4L prime & 24-105mm L lenses. 

I have previously used Canon 550D & 400D cameras. I fully changed over to digital perhaps rather late around 2008/09. Before that i was using Mamiya 645 1000s medium format camera. These large format slides were, and still are very good quality and could still match the best digital sensors around at the time. I often used Fuji Velvia 100ASA film which produced good vibrant colours for shipping photography. I believe some of my slides look better than my offerings with the 5D MKII in similar light taken today...

I prefer to have full control over my results so most of my photographs are manually exposed rather than auto. When using my 50mm prime lens, this is general manually focussed using a preset point to avoid any front / back focussing issues. 

Any slides uploaded are scanned using Epson 4870 flatbed. 

From 2016 i have started using a Brodex pole for extra elevation. The pole is a 26ft alluminium window cleaning pole converted to take a tripod head. I use 'Camranger' connected to the camera to provide the WIFI to a samsung tablet which is used to fire the shot. This form of photography has really taken off especially on the railways. Many new locations have been created and normal ground level views can be transformed using the extra height to provide a better view. It can certainly come in handy getting above fences, trees and vegatation where a photo just wouldn't normally be possible. 


All images are copyright to myself and are not to be used without permission.